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    how do I make a column in Group Explorer filter-enabled?

    Greg Michael
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      We are running TSSA 8.9.04 P1


      2 questions:


      1) I've noticed that some of the available columns for the Server built-in properties in Group Explorer have filter icons, and some do not. Those that do not have the icon are not able to be filtered. Is there a way to enable these columns to be filtered?


      2) has anyone run into the problem for a column that is able to be filtered, but cannot be sorted? For example, the NETWORK_ADDRESS server property is filter-enabled, but if you try to sort this column, all visible results disappear.

      • Without sorting there are 673 servers visible in the server smart group.
      • With sorting there are zero servers visible in the server smart group.
      • When I expand the smart group to list the number of children within, I get this error:
        • < Error occurred > : ClassFieldSpec not in customPropRefs, NETWORK_ADDRESS


      Anyone have some idea what might be happening?


      Thanks in advance!


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