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    Smart Reporting

    Mayank Kumar
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      Is anyone aware why the Site and Inventory Name Fields does not have any value when AST:ComputerSystem form is used for Asset Reporting on Smart Report? Should i use a different form for getting these values of Assets, or can we create a view to join 2 forms?

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          Sidhdesh Punaskar

          Inventory Name is display type fields - mean it does not hold any value in DB.


          On asset load the value is set run time by active link.


          Site should have value.

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            Sinisa Mikor

            What do you mean by Site, field Site with field ID 200000007, labeled Site Group, or field Building with field ID 260000001, labeled Site+?  (Both originate from BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem where the former is called SiteGroup, and the latter Site; Inventory Name is local to AST:ComputerSystem and an example of Display-Only fields whose name doesn't begin with letter Z.)

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              Mayank Kumar

              Hi Sinisa,


              I want to get values of Site+ and Inventory Name in a Smart Report for Assets. I have highlighted the fields below:

              Let me know if you need more details.

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                Sidhdesh Punaskar

                For Inventory Name, you will need to create another custom field to store Inventory Name field. Cannot use OOTB.


                What are the challenges for Site field? Are you not able to select value in Site field in Asset?

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                  Sinisa Mikor

                  In that case, use Building to display value you're looking for and it should be displayed as long as you're permitted to view at least one record with that attribute populated.  This can be quickly verified by creating temporary view, adding AST:ComputerSystem to it, selecting Building and one other distinguishing attribute (e. g. Name), setting condition to Building Is Not Null and pressing View Data.

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                    Mayank Kumar

                    After trying a few things i was able to resolve this. As Inventory Name is a display only field so i created a Join between 3 forms. The SQL looks like:



                    LEFT OUTER JOIN `AST:InventoryQuantity` ON (

                    `AST:ComputerSystem`.`Name` = `AST:INVENTORYQUANTITY`.`Name`


                    LEFT OUTER JOIN `BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement` ON (

                    `AST:INVENTORYQUANTITY`.`StorageInstanceID` = `BMC.CORE:BMC_BASEELEMENT`.`InstanceId`



                    Using this i was able to get the Inventory name of assets. Posting it here so that it can help others.

                    Sinisa Mikor & Sidhdesh Punaskar Thanks for your help guys.

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