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    Control-M Agent files

    Lakshminarasimhan Santhanam
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      Hello Team

      On an agent i see many log files been created which starts with , what does this logs indicate by name

      Any idea .


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          Jesse Richardson

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            Bentze Perlmutter

            Hi Lakshminarasimhan,


            These are all created by different agent processes. The three main agent processes and their logs are:


            1. Agent Listener: listens for connections from CTM/Server and spawns child processes to action them.

            The process name is p_ctmag.

            The log is AG*


            2. Agent Tracker: tracks jobs that have completed, performs post processing tasks (that relate to Job Output file) and communicates the job status back to CTM/Serer.

            The process name is p_ctmat

            The log is AT*


            3. Agent Tracker Worker: child processes of AT that do the actual tracking. This allows Control-M/Agent to track multiple jobs in parallel.

            The process name is p_ctmatw (there can be multiple processes like this active in parallel)

            The log is ATW*


            The AM* are for the p_ctmam process which tracks running jobs after agent has been shutdown. This allows you to stop the agent while jobs are running and not lose their status. (I think it is also the processes that enables you to do an agent upgrade with no downtime) The p_ctmam is not always active. If I'm not mistaken it is configured to shutdown if there are no active jobs for 10min. (so you don't always see this at the OS level)


            The AS* are for the child processes of AG that are spawned per CTM/Server request.

            Example, a request to submit a new job comes in to AG, it spawns and AS (on the OS level the process name for AS is also p_ctmag), the AS performs the tasks and ends.

            Or another example, a request to view job output comes into AG, it spawns and AS, the AS performs the tasks and ends.


            I'm not sure what AB, AC and DS are for, but most likely they are for other specific internal processing done by the Agent.


            Note that by default debug is OFF so you only get logs created when the agent encounters an error.

            Also by default, First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) is enabled, which means that when an error happens, the debug memory buffer is written to a log file, so you get logs that look like they have information that includes debug on details, and then debug is automatically turned on for 10min. For this reason you typically get a lot of log files on the agent, and typically can ignore them, as not all errors have an impact on the functionality of the Agent. But it is worth looking through the logs and seeing if any of the errors may be preventable as its always better to not have them happen if possible.

            The agent logs are cleaned-up by the agent, and by default they are kept for 1 day only.

            All of this behavior, debug on/off, FFDC, log cleanup, is configurable if you need to change any of it.




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              Lakshminarasimhan Santhanam

              Thank you so much for the details .