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    KCS Knowledge

    Graham McCarroll
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      We are undertaken a project to move to BMC Helix so are brand new to the tool and going through the online training.


      I have done the KB training but and checked the communities for guidance but unable to see anything that helps.


      We have been advised as starting as new on the BMC Helix we best of going down the KCS route which i agree and what we want for our org. Never got an answer on the below hopefully someone else who is just using KCS could provide some guidance on templates.


      Should we disable all the other templates available out of the box other than KCS template or do all the below class as KCS ad show as on reports etc.


      Templates shown on version 20 we have is


      How to

      Known Error

      Problem Solution



      We are on the BMC hosted platform.





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          Naji Abdallahi

          Take a look here Knowledge article templates - Documentation for Remedy Knowledge Management 20.02 - BMC Documentation


          The key difference between the KCS template and the others is that the KCS template articles cannot be administered and accessed through the MID-TIER interface.


          The KCS template can only be used by Support Users through Smart IT. So in an environment that is upgrading from M-T to Smart IT there may well be users and KA authors that are still using the M-T.

          For an organisation like your own that is starting from Smart IT there may already have been a decision not to use the M-T RKM interfaces, Incident, WO, Change forms etc. If you are a 100% Smart IT shop, then the restriction on the KCS template is just not an issue.


          The only advantage of using KCS template is that it "is structured according to a sample template defined by the KCS framework. However, you can use any knowledge template to perform the KCS-defined knowledge management functions." So as far as I know the choice is up to your organisation as to which templates work best for your requirements.


          If I were you I would create an article using each template and then try creating an incident that references them. See what format of template works best. If you decide to use multiple templates, make sure you and the KA creators know exactly which one to use for each type of content.


          One further note: If the article you are creating is for Self Service customers you have an extra option. How to Articles in DWP. See https://docs.bmc.com/docs/digitalworkplaceadvanced/2002/setting-up-self-help-resources-908222940.html

          These How-To articles are merely URLs to anywhere. Could be SharePoint a wiki or any URL.


          But a lot of "what is best" is subjective. So lets see if anyone else has opinions.

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