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    Is any organization using or getting value out of the Service Context functionality?

    Jason Miller
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      My question is triggered by an idea I saw this morning: Need a pre-upgrade validation tool, especially for Atrium Web Service components


      I think for many organizations the only reason to install the Atrium Web Services is because Service Context requires them. Considering the tech behind Atrium Web Services is a bit outdated and they tend to cause issues during an upgrade (i.e. the whole upgrade rolls back and tends to trash the system if just web services upgrade fails), I am wondering if Atrium Web Services is even worth it? Is maintaining Atrium Web Services and Service Context worth effort to install and maintain them?


      Don't get me wrong, I like the concept of Service Context but I have never seen it used in the wild. Is organization actively using Service Context? Is any organization getting value out of this features installed and configured?


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