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    BMC Helix Discovery:

    rodrigo barcat
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      Hi team,


      A customer talked to me that the company has a pain and ask me if I can help them to (using discovery).

      He ask me if I could send a step-by-step guide on how to track all "Jobs/batch" through "BMC Discovery", the critical applications affected by them, and the stops in the last 12 months of these applications.


      Anyone know how can I achieve it?


      Lisa Keeler

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          Lisa Keeler

          I am not sure exactly what you mean.


          If you mean to track software programs (batch jobs, etc.) that are affecting applications, Discovery wouldn't always know about that.


          Discovery does find services and processes that are running at the time of discovery (only if they are running at the time of discovery).

          So, probably some of those services and/or processes represent the applications you want to track.


          But, Discovery wouldn't know which ones are interesting, of course.


          You could write a pattern to trigger on those interesting services / processes and do something with the information.  I'm not sure what.

          But, also realize that you will surely miss some of the software programs you want to track.

          For example:

             Suppose someone runs a software program in the form of a batch job at midnight and the batch job affects an application somehow.

             The job runs for one hour.

             Now, suppose that we discover the hosts associated with the application at 8am.

             We won't see the running process from that batch job, because the process went away at 1am.

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            rodrigo barcat

            Understood, Lisa.


            I will enrich the idea with customer and make a decision to which way I will follow with him.


            Thank you very much for this fast (very fast) response!!!


            Later I will close (set correct) this post. Cheers and have a good day (or night)!

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              Anne Brock

              isn't this more of a TrueSight thing?