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    using Presentation Server disaster recovery to do server operating system upgrade

    Brad Hohenstreet
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      I'm part of TrueSight Capacity Optimization for a large installation, version 11.5


      We have a cycle of Red Hat operating system upgrades, moving from RHEL 6 to 7.  The TrueSight Presentation server is part of this. It needs to be upgraded from RHEL 6 to 7.

      Instead of taking extended downtime measured in days, we're thinking an alternative may be to move TSPS to the secondary server, upgrade the primary os to 7 and then move TSPS functions back to the primary server.


      I'm not sure if this differs from doing a TSPS disaster recovery technique.  This type of move back & forth is documented in the BMC knowledge base, but I'm not finding anything on a technique to have primary/secondary TSPS and just take the primary offline, upgrade o/s and then bring it back into TSPS service.


      Does anyone have familiarity with doing these types of upgrade activities and is there a Best Practices method to it?




      Brad Hohenstreet