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    what is use Device Facing NIC in TSNA?

    Amol Kotwal
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      Hello Experts,


      Can you let us know what is the use of "Device Facing NIC" in TSNA?


      We have multiple customers which has Ip and subnet clashes. In that case would adding multiple NIC helps?


      How we can address the issue of subnet/IP clashing in TSNA?


      Thanks & Regards,
      Amol Kotwal

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          Meeta Lalwani

          Hello Amol,


          Two devices can have same IP address in TSNA. You should not face any issue.


          You would need multi NIC if you want to use a single agent to manage multiple customer networks, where each network is reachable via a different network interface card (NIC) at the device agent. When the agent communicates with devices belonging to a given network, all traffic (both device action traffic and syslog traffic) pass through the NIC for that network.

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