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    How to reopen a closed Incident?

    Mateusz Gzowski
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      ITSM BMC Remedy 19.02


      I have an Incident which needs to be reopened. It is in "Closed" status, and I would like to open the very same incident again, not create a new one with same data.


      I have following permissions:


      Incident Master

      Incident Config

      SRM Administrator, (and many others)

      and also as Team Member of Support group in which this ticket is assigned, I have:

      Incident Manager

      Support Group Admin

      Suport Group Lead

      Support Group Manager

      Work Order Manager

      I also tried reopening the Incident with Unrestricted Access enabled.

      I still can't reopen the incident. Is there any setting which enables reopening "closed" incidents, or is there any way to reopen this particular one with some special permission?