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    Workflow Rule for a task template

    Seth Malwitz
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      I am trying to create a service request workflow for purchasing and placing new computer equipment. I have the service request built in my sandbox and use field mapping for creating the first task to generate the purchase order. The next task is to receive and invoice when the equipment arrives. I am trying to populate the description field of the task using a workflow rule and field update. I want some static text plus the ticket number of the service request it is linked to.


      My rule criteria is to match the template name.

      Annotation 2020-07-02 085259.png

      and I think my formula for the field update is correct but maybe not.

      Annotation 2020-07-02 085444.png


      When I test it out I get nothing, the description field remains blank, I even removed the field lookup and just left the static text to see if I could at least get that to populate but it didn't work.

      Annotation 2020-07-02 085804.png

      Could someone point me in the right direction of where I'm going wrong on this?