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    Setting Permissions on a Table

    Timothy Mobley
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      I created two tables with multi-select rows populated from a custom form I created (based on the advice on this post). However, it appears I don't have permissions set quite right. This KB article says:


      "Table field permissions are set in the same way as button field permissions, with the exception that you must set permissions at four levels. You must grant or deny a user access to the:

        • Table field
        • Columns in the table
        • Form from which rows are drawn
        • Fields from which each column draws its data"


      When I attempt to 'Set Permissions' for the table field, it only lets you provide 'View' permissions, not 'Change'. And I am not sure how to set permissions for the second and third items above. I don't see where column permissions are set and I'm not sure where to set permissions for the custom form I created.

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          Pallavi Hadavale

          Most of the time you don't need 'Change' permissions for table as you're not going to make changes to directly to table as a end user.

          For column permissions, you need to select columns like any other field from outline and give permission. And for the form which is referred in the table to retrieve records from, you need to give proper permissions on that form itself. Its nothing to do with the form or table where it is configured.

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            Carl Wilson

            Hi Timothy,

            tables are views into an underlying form and its data, therefore you need to set permissions for the underlying form and fields which the table is displaying data against.  Each column in the table, which relates to a field on the underlying form, also has its own permissions in the table which need to be set.  Then the overall table needs to have the permissions set to be viewed.

            So in summary:


            Table > The Table and each individual Column have permissions to be set (1 for the Table, 1 for each Column in the Table)

            Underlying Form > The Form and the Fields have permissions to be set (1 for the Form, 1 for each Field on the Form)




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              Timothy Mobley

              Thank you both for your comments, which I'm just now getting back to. Unfortunately, I'm still having trouble. The problem is that when checkboxes in the table are selected, upon saving the form all the checkboxes are cleared. This fits with this KBA that says, when a column is set to 'Editable' - which I have - "On refresh or sort, changes that users make are lost, and the data displayed in the table is from the source form." So there's something I'm not understanding, because this defeats the purpose. I need the checkbox selections to persist after saving the form.

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                Mark Walters

                As you have found making a column in a table editable allows you to change the data on the screen but it does not write those updates to the database.  You need to add some workflow (active link) that will loop through the table records and save those changes.  It's been a while since I did this but you can have a button or possibly a lose focus action to trigger this worflow.


                Have a read of these threads and see if they help.  If not I'll see if I can cook up an example.


                Edit/save particular row in a table.

                Multiple record update in table filed using Table looping

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                  Sinisa Mikor

                  Do checkboxes represent actual data in back-end form, or are they displayed because Checkbox Column attribute of table is set to true?


                  On top of Mark's suggestions, if you wish to perform actions as soon as any row is selected instead of relying on pressing a button (e. g. Update), Row Choice is one of available execution options.

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                    Timothy Mobley

                    To answer your question, Sinisa Mikor, data in these tables are populated from custom forms I made. I don't need to make any changes to the source forms, but I do need to be able to persistently show the multi-select choices in the Bulk Inventory form where these tables reside. To further explain, the form in question is for Bulk Inventory records, and the tables are for the equipment and components which the item belongs.

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                      Sinisa Mikor

                      It sounds like you'll have to provide selection templates or store selected combination in some auxiliary form in order to fetch it alongside other data when refreshing table; it could contain its own checkbox to display instead of one provided by table's checkbox column, or it could be read from when refreshing table and updated when selected combination changes.