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    Customization of Self-Service fields in Trackit 2019.03

    Christine Pimblett
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      In 11.4.x, we could manipulate an xml file to change up the order of self-service fields. Is this possible in Trackit 2019.03 and if so, how?


      Also, in testing out Self-Service on a mobile phone (iphone on safari and google and firefox), the Note field where it prompts to enter a brief note is not responsive. You can't click anywhere inside it. It is a system field that is visible and can't be unchecked. We had wanted to make it required but can't if it does not work on a mobile device.


      Thirdly, submitting tickets via mobile phone on data or off-the network, the business rule monitor misses grabbing the data for the fields we are including in the notification to the assigned tech. We really do not want to tweak the timing as it is just right for the rest of our tickets.


      Fourth, the form on a phone jumps around. For example, it does not progress to the next line but jumps to a custom look-up a couple of lines down. It just is not very mobile friendly like I would expect a web form to be. We are struggling to go-live with this as most students submit from a mobile device and even if the self-serve app were available, either do not want to download an app or don't have room to install one.

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          Christine Pimblett

          I delayed the notification rule 3 minutes to allow time for the previous rule to finish so that fixed the blank fields. I can use the carrot up and down arrows on my phone to navigate up and down the self-serve form and populate the notes field but can't choose it with my cursor.


          Created a case for another issue that I wonder if anyone has seen. My custom text 1 field on the self-serve form populates the custom text 5 ticket form not the field it is supposed to populate. Custom text 5 is not a self-serve field.