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    Windows Domain Join Status

    Marian Lein
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      Hello all,

      We want to check whether a Windows server is domain-joined or not. Currently, we are doing this via an extended object and checking for the "userdomain" in the environment variables.
      Is there an easier (& potentially faster) way to check this and to find out if a server is member of a domain? I have found the property "DOMAIN", but it does not seem like this is what I am after.


      Any ideas how to get that value i.e. from the registry? I haven't found anything yet, and ideally, there would be something that would work back to Win2012...


      Thanks in advance!

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          Matthew Ragland

          For checking if a server is joined to the domain, we use this logic:
             "Hardware Information.Machine Summary:/System"."Domain Role (Windows)" contains "Member"


          If the server isn't joined to the domain it will say "Standalone", if it is joined to the domain it will say "Member Server"


          Hope this helps

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