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    Help with business rules

    gallerand cyril
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      Hello ,


      i have migrated Trackit 19.x to and since i am having trouble , i have already fixed most of them , except the one regarding my business rules :


      When a ticket is created through self-service the requestor has to fill the field category because it is mandatory , and this help to affect the ticket to the right group but looking at the latest tickets created they are affected at a group named ti_infrastructure (same as the service) and i have no power to this group on Trackit techinician portal (even with admin account).


      My business rules are getting failed when the rules is like this :


      When Ticket is created/updated


      with category  contains  xxxx

      or category contains xxxx


      then update record update ticket values

      Ticket ID use value from current record {Ticket - Ticket ID}

      assigned to group use a value or an expression XXX


      i have tried with category equals , also only when the ticket is created still not working .


      checking the log by using trace and i saw  the Following message " The record could not be fetched or updated because the database does not contain the record, or database segregation prevents access to the record.'" but using db utility i cannot see TI_Infrastructure group at all .


      i must miss a condition .


      My goal is to auto assign ticket to the right group for each category (there are more categories than technician so i cannot add supports specialist for each category ) .


      it was working before the update thanks in advance for your help.