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    Setting color in pie chart

    Ana Lorite
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      Hi everyone,


      I was wondering if it is possible to set the color in a pie chart type. I suspect that the answer is no but I'd like a confirmation


      The thing is I have a pie chart like this in one of the two scanning appliances:

      Some tips of spanish:

      "Zona Azul" means "Blue Zone" and the chosen color by Discovery is orange

      "Zona Naranja" means "Blue Orange" and the chosen color by Discovery is blue


      Such a bad luck!!


      On the other hand, I have this in the other scanning appliance. Perfect!



      Unfortunately, the Consolidation system shows the pie chart like this



      And the client logs in the Consolidation Systems.


      I changed the order, the where clause etc in order to change what it seems it is a random choice... but no success


      Thanks in advance!!!