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    Errors when Adding a server to a server group

    Rodrigo Guerrero Garcia
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      Hi experts,


      Currently we applied the clone solution to increment the infrastructure, the principal services is working correctly but we find 3 proccess than stay in FAILED STATUS.


      The link reference:


      Adding a server to a server group - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 18.08 - BMC Documentation


      The Issue:


      BMC:NativePluginServer failed

      BMC:ARDispatcher failed

      BMC:SLMBRService failed


      the log show the next problem:


      BMC:NativePluginServer ] stopped with exit value - [ -1073741515 ]. <TNAME: main > < ProcessController.java:549 > /* Fri Jun 19 2020 01:54:15.0395 */ Unable to start service [ BMC:NativePluginServer ], moving it to Failed to Start processes list.


      Do you have any idea if need to change any other reference?