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    Search ipadress

    BERNARD Laurent
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      I have a large ip list where I would like to have information (more than 1000)

      How can I search any of this list?

      I did :

      search IPAddress where name has subword 'XX.XXX.XXX.X'
      or name has subword 'XX.YYY.YYY.Y'


      But it doesn't work on too many ip

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          Danny Fleer

          You could so something like this:


          Search IPAddress where ip_addr in ['', '']


          and so on. I know that there is a limit of the query length, but I don't know the value. You will be notified with a message like "query is too complex" if you exceed the maximum query length.

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            Nirmal Sharma

            Does anyone has any idea on the length of query? This becomes important before forming a query to execute.

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              Bob Anderson



              I've done searches like this with as many as 32,600 IPs and it works fine, but takes a while:


              I use this format as it is easier to re-use the query simply by replacing the list between the open and close square brackets


              //search large list of IPs

              search flags(no_segment) IPAddress where ip_addr in




              //. )= put in your own list of comma separated, quoted list of IPs




              //since I don't know the kind of device, I wildcard the traversal

              traverse IPv4Address:DeviceAddress:DeviceWithAddress:


              //use kind(#) to show the device kind (Host, Printer, etc) for additional filtering




              //other attributes as needed