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    Logging which MRL(.WIC) file is used

    Alan Marks
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      I'd like to track, for curiosity and possibly documentation purposes, which MRL(.WIC) files are used as an event makes it's way through a cell.  Any suggestions ?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Philippe Plomteux





          Generally speaking there are various ways to track rules execution – from which you can easily retrieve the containing file.




          A couple of pointers :


          *     You can enable rules tracing (mcontrol -n CellName tracerule on|off) to capture trace information about the rules execution – it goes in the cell standard trace.

          *     If you want to “log” execution of the rules in your events, you can add a custom slot (eg Processing_History) to the event class and edit rules. Most rules will support adding statements like follows, which will cause all your meaningful rules log an entry in the event itself:




          $rule=listgetelt(strtolist(action_requestor()," "),2);


          $cellrule=cellinfo(CellName) || ":" || $rule;






          *     If you mean to document your KB, there are a couple of scripts around (no pointer handy here) to provide some basic documentation on the rules, execution order, etc. This works “offline” of the live cell however.

          *     If you mean to track potential performance bottlenecks, use “mcontrol -n CellName profiling on|off”




          Does that help ?






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          Logging which MRL(.WIC) file is used



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            Alan Marks

            Hi Philippe,


            Thanks for this, its very helpful and gives me a great place to start.