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    BMC Helix 20.02 Connection DEV enviroment at first time

    Angelantonio alfonso
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      Hi all, sorry but I am new with Helix on cloud.

      I received from bmc support this instruction


      "As per the request we have set up client gateway for DEV/QA/PROD Development tools access.


      Please find attached documents which will guide you how to download and install client gateway on your client gateway server.


      Also, attached kwic-config.xml files to be replaced with existing ones you down with installation.


      Use below ports to access Development tools.


      DEV 46000

      QA  47000

      PROD 48000


      If you are using DHCP for your machine, Please use as the IP while you are making the connections


      Please let your Network SME to allow outbound HTTPS Web-socket connection on port 443 for below URLs"



      so I have extract and replaced the file config "kwic-config.xml" under  my ..\ HelixHaazing\kwic-5.9.13\conf


      then i have started the service Kaazing KWIC service correctly.


      then i have open my developer and i have tried to connect like in the first attached (using


      is right?

      I have received the error authentication failed arerror 623..


      It's only a credential  wrong? My steps are right?


      tks a lot