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    TSCO GWS script to identify and remove UDR data that has been left on remote agent nodes

    Dima Seliverstov
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      BMC TSCO Gateway Server(GWS) Linux script(attached) will identify and delete UDR data left on the TSCO agents older than a week.

      Only agents currently scheduled in the manager run are considered.

      Only the default console repository specified on the agents is considered.

      The agent data can accumlate due to:

      - Not using the days in advance feature.

      - Adhoc collection requests



      The script is provided in a tar format.

      1. Untar the script as the owner of the install

      cd /usr/adm/best1_workspace/automation

      tar -xvf removeWeekOldAgentUDRviaGWS.tar

      2. Run the script generating logs and output

      ./removeWeekOldAgentUDRviaGWS.pl 2>&1 | tee /usr/adm/best1_default/local/manager/log/removeWeekOldAgentUDRviaGWS.log

      3. [Optional] schedule the script to be executed weekly via cron, must be done as the user of the install


      crontab -e

      Add the following line to execute Sunday at 10 AM

      0 10 * * 0 /usr/adm/best1_workspace/automation/removeWeekOldAgentUDRviaGWS.pl 2>&1 | tee /usr/adm/best1_default/local/manager/log/removeWeekOldAgentUDRviaGWS.log



      Note: By putting the script in /usr/adm/best1_workspace/automation directory and cron, the script will execute agains the default best1_home

      even if the GWS is upgraded.



      Additional information:

      The following KA deals with additional information regarding the nature of the failure and how to prevent the condition



      What is the best way to identify UDR data that has been left on remote nodes and transfer that data to the console or delete it?

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