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    JOB_TIMEOUT and JOB_PART_TIMEOUT  values in Patch remediation batch and deploy jobs

    Shruti Shekhar
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      We have created  patch remediation artifacts jobs with the Patching job timeout setting as :

      JOB_TIMEOUT 2880 (48h), JOB_PART_TIMEOUT 2880 (48h)



      Deploy job got created with JOB_TIMEOUT and JOB_PART_TIMEOUT as 2880, but The Batch Job for the patch remediation artifacts jobs has JOB_TIMEOUT 480 and JOB_PART_TIMEOUT 360



      Due to this,Patch deployment Jobs get a unexpected Cancel signal after 8h runtime and stop!



      This Batch Job timeout should also be  2880 (48h), but it didn't happen.



      My Question here is Why the BAtch job Timeout didnt get set as deploy jobs?