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    LoadBalancer Health Checks for BMC Applications

    Marek Ceizel
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      Hello everybody,


      Kindly asking here for help/info/experiences.

      We would like to configure the LoadBalancers Healthchecks in our architecture more intelligent, to be able to check more than just if port or protocol is running. So using some kind of Helathcheck URL.






      • I know there is also something like that for RSSO.



      However we cannot find anything like that for:

      ARserver, SmartReporting, SmartIT, DWP and DWP Catalog


      To check only the tcp port answer or https is not enough. We saw several situations where the application was somehow frozen even when the low level check thought it is ok.

      Like that we lose the basic principle of HighAvailability as when the Loadbalance thinks the server is ok it is forwarding requests also to a not responding application.


      Is there such Healthcheck URLs for the other applications ? Or can somebody guide me how to check them correctly ?


      thanks a lot



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