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    SmartIT HTML Templates URL

    Igor Mihevc
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      Hello all,

      First of all, I'm not a "Remedy guy", but I need to modify existing SmartIT email notitications with proper HTML formatting and rebranding.

      Everything works fine except for URL in HTML email notifications.


      I need the correct format URL for the SmartIT UI in notifications, for all the modules (Incident, Problem, Request, Change...).

      I tried with the following example from Generic Template, but it won't work as expected:

      https://REMEDY_URL/ux/smart-it/#/workorder/#$$MST:Parent_InstanceID$$#  (this is for SmartIT UI)


      and with:

      $HOMEURL$/forms/$SERVER$/PBM%3AProblem%20Investigation/?eid=#$$Request ID01 System$$#


      But I don't know how to format those URL's for all the other modules we use.


      Is there any list of URL which we can use in HTML Templates for all the modules, and for SmartIT and "classic" Remedy? Can anybody post that list or point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.


      System is configured as it is, I only need "code" for the URL, so I can place them in the HTML template.


      Thanks in advance,


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