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    For the love of .... can we PLEASE get a way to track enhancements?

    Robert Stinnett
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      I have posted about this before, brought it up at conferences, talked about it until I am blue in the face to whomever I can find at BMC, and I get a lot of head nodding, agreement and general "yes, we know!" but here we are -- for myself -- almost 20 years later and there is STILL no way to track enhancements, or even get input on enhancements that may benefit more than one customer.


      For example, here are some of the outstanding ones I have found recently... (note:  neither one of these I have entered myself, just happened to run into the same problem)


      CAR00044235 - Use Autoedit in On/Do Condition field. With the Automation API and Jobs as Code nowadays this is a MUST-HAVE, yet I have no idea if this is being worked on, how long ago it was entered, what its priority is, nothing.



      CAR00078092  - Use TLS/SSL with SMTP  in Control-M/Server.   It's 2020 folks and we are STILL waiting on this one?  Again, how long has this been out there, is it being worked on?  Are we going to see it during the reign of the current monarch?


      Those are two giving me frustrations at the moment, but this issue goes back years.  I just simply do not understand why this is such a closed, secret process. What has to happen to get some movement -- ANY MOVEMENT -- on this subject?!

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          Paul Robins

          What's even more frustrating is that serious bugs seem to use the same CAR process as enhancements. We had a complete user daily failure after upgrading to 9.0.19 due to a known bug that, instead of being fixed or a warning being issued to customers, had been logged as a CAR and hidden away from customers. When fundamental parts of the Control-M architecture can break without warning the new bells and whistles stop being so attractive. rant over.

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            Mark Francome

            Agreed, it is a fundamental requirement - but BMC are not the only ones.


            I can  appreciate that there are changes that are the proverbial "can of worms" when it comes to impacting distributed systems in unintended ways, but both of the cases you quote should be fairly black and white in terms of implementation (we can use Gmail as the SMTP server, we should be able to do TLS/SSL too).

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              Bentze Perlmutter

              I agree too. It would be useful if BMC published the CARs/RFEs and customers could themselves click a checkbox to indicate the CAR/RFE is required for them. On the same location BMC could publish status and estimated release dates.

              This would also reduce tickets to BMC support, and also allow Product Management to get a real gauge about which CARs/RFEs customers are waiting for, so in my opinion a win-win.


              Sometimes RFEs do get implemented but only document in release notes, so if you missed it, you are likely not to see it in the regular documentation anymore.


              I think CAR00078092 (Use TLS/SSL with SMTP  in Control-M/Server) was added in CTM/Server v9.0.00.300 under QM002192587. (see KA 000131709 for details of how to implement... it's done using the config file ~/ctm_server/data/mail.properties)

              And for EM, it was added in v9.0.00.400 under QM002185711. (see KA 000158689... it's done using the config file ~/ctm_em/etc/mail.properties)


              Hope this helps.

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                Robert Stinnett

                Thanks, Bentze!


                This highlights an even deeper problem – so we have a CAR that says the issue isn’t fixed, then apparently the issue is fixed, but the CAR is still open and like you said, this is documented nowhere except in a KA article that is linked to none of these.



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                  Guy Eden

                  Hi All,  relating specifically to RFEs:


                  We have invested to improve this process, and all RFEs opened in the past year have status updates in Service Cloud, and those updates are visible by whomever opened them.


                  We are actively looking for ways to enable the broader community to have input on RFEs.  I’ll share with you the considerations: we have thousands of users on Control-M, who are running on numerous different platforms, connecting to many different external systems, and running disparate business processes.  This means among other things:

                  • A large number of RFEs are only relevant to a subset users.
                  • There may be multiple RFEs which are connected, and if we deliver them, the description of what we deliver may be very different to any of the originals (although we do our best to link them.) 
                  • Some RFEs include details of customers’ environments or processes which we would need to rephrase/anonymise to preserve confidentiality.
                  • At any given time, there may be hundreds of RFEs open, but only a minority may be relevant or meaningful to a majority of customers.


                  Of course internally we separate these out appropriately.  We are working on a process that enables us to:


                  • make relevant RFEs public in a way that’s meaningful to all;
                  • preserve confidentiality of our customers;
                  • ensure we’re prioritizing correctly for all customers .


                  As you can see, it's not just a question of publishing the list of open RFEs.  The additional time and resources required to do this are significant, and we need to find the optimal way to do this.





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                    Robert Stinnett

                    While I understand it is not an easy process, at the same time I know this battle has been raging on for years -- many, many years at this point.  Other companies have done it -- heck, other BMC products are doing it.  So I just cannot fundamentally understand what the hold up here is.


                    You say that some RFEs are not relevant to other customers -- how do you know?  If I can't see them, I can't give my input.  There may be a RFE that you guys believe is not important enough to dedicate time to, but when it becomes publicly visible, all of a sudden customers are voting it up left and right because it is important to us.


                    As far as security and protecting customer environments, again, this problem has already been solved many times over.


                    4-5 years ago at a BMC Exchange conference many of us got together (hundreds of us) and created a whole wall of sticky notes with ideas and ranked them and prioritized them.  After that conference, I never heard/saw/discussed that wall again.  That was  major dissapointment.


                    This is what we need -- it sounds like you guys are just way over-complicating this whole thing.  Start out simple - create a virtual sticky board somewhere.  Then let the customers go at it.  It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't even have to be the final solution  - but at least let the customers speak and use the wisdom of crowds.  Everyone from the guy running 50 jobs a day to the folks running 1,000,000 a day.


                    You are correct, I can view my RFE's and Defects - and that is awesome.  Problem is, I have to remember to go searching for it.  It would be nice when a Defect or RFE is closed that it shot me an email saying it was closed and with what fix pack or release it is being addressed it.  Right now, when I click on one of my many closed ones I don't see any detailed notes.  In fact, looking through my closed cases right now I see some that are closed that I know haven't been implemented -- so does closed mean "we resolved it" or "not happening"?


                    I hope you understand this is many years of frustration and being told "it's coming soon!" coming to the forefront.  I certainly appreciate what you are all trying to do and have done, but with workforces now more virtual than ever before and things moving at the speed of light, waiting around just isn't an option anymore.



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