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    BMC50049W BMCSORT LICENSE WILL EXPIRE SOON. CALL BMC SUPPORT Message may appear after June 1, 2020

    Mike Donaldson
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      In March 2017 and again on June 1 2017, customers were notified of an upcoming condition that BMCSORT 2.4.01 components license would expire on 7/1/2017.  This caused jobs to issue a RC=4 along with the BMC50049W message, an unexpected condition to many customers and scheduled jobs.  PTF BPJ1724 was provided as the solution to the condition extending the BMCSORT expiration date to July 1, 2020. 


      On July 17, 2017, BMC development released BPJ1809 to remove the expiration check for BMCSORT entirely. 


      June 1, 2020 is now here.  If BPJ1809 has not been applied, it will need to be in order to eliminate the BMC50049W messages and remove the BMCSORT expiration check.