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    Remedyforce and Azure AD and Jitterbit

    rodrigo barcat
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      Hi guys.


      Before starting to use RemedyForce, the customer was already using Salesforce CRM. Remedyforce was deployed on the same id as the organization.


      So, some stages of the project I believe can be concluded.


      1 - SSO integration. Today the Salesforce that the customer uses is already using the single sign on, so I believe that on the side of the users that will be created in Remedyforce, I will only have to pass the user's federation ID (as it happens today).


      2 - Need to create the user in the salesforce people table. This point was ok, but the customer does not want to make a machine available to let the Pentaho run.


      3 - At this point, the question is about Jitterbit (a solution they already use today) for data-loader and transformations, just like Pentaho. So, If I need to create AD users in Salesforce, I could use Jitterbit, correct?


      4 - The customer uses Azure AD, is it possible to integrate the Remedyforce auth service into Azure AD?