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    vCenter event handling

    Daniel Br�nnstr�
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      We tried vCenter event polling a couple of years ago and was not completely satisfied because the ADDM model was back then updated but a move of a vm for instance was not synced to CMDB. We are looking into this once again now and have a couple of questions:

      1. If we enable vCenter events on the scanner, is it automatically collected and handled on the consolidator as well?

           I understood the documentation as that we do not have to enable event polling on the consolidator as well for this to work?

      2. If the move of a vm for instance is catched, is that change propagated all the way to CMDB now in that case?


      We are running Discovery

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          Andrew Waters

          1. vCenter events are recorded as ExternalEvent nodes which are consolidated. As the docs say, you do not need to also do the polling on the consolidator as the consolidation of the ExternalEvent nodes will trigger the patterns.

          2. The patterns call cmdb.sync which queues up the moved Host nodes to be pushed to the CMDB. So changes are synced.

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