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    Robert Shelly
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      I was wondering if there is a report that shows time that clock was stopped. I just cant get proper SLA to work right. This is how our organization works.


      Priority 4. Sla is 4 -  24 hour business days. So if the item is opened on a Thursday based with schedule it still counts weekend time even though the Due Date seems to be fine. Everything seems to be open date to closed date. So it may say opened for 143 hours. But why would it not calculate weekend off time of 48 hours?


      Also if we place a ticket on hold it still does not stop the clock and shows the whole time from opened to close when we close the ticket. Why cant it subtract on hold time from the hours. Is there a field that I can put on a report that shows this hold time the ticket was on hold. I can't seem to get anything to report on this.


      Very frustrating.