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    Consolidation issue

    Richa Patil
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      We have prod and UAT environment and multiple scanners. The scanners will consolidate data to both UAT and PROD.


      We are facing a wiered issue in the consolidation. Sometimes scans are consolidated to UAT, but not to the PROD. Also, the scan will first get consolidated to UAT rather than PROD.


      In the consolidation connection list the PROD consolidators name comes first and then the UAT consolidator.


      Is there any configuration or file which need to set\check to define priority?




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          Andrew Waters

          There is no priority.


          On the DiscoveryRun what (if anything) appears in the _consolidation and _consolidation_done attributes for those not going to PROD?

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            Richa Patil

            Thanks for the response Andrew.


            I  checked for the one of the Discovery run and the result is  -

            _consolidation is empty and _consolidation_done shows two Id's which is nothing but the list of the consolidation appliance identifiers (UAT & PROD).


            When the ad-hoc \ small number of IP address are scaned then that will be consolidated to both the env i.e. UAT & PROD.


            This issue is occurring only during the weekend scan where each scan has millions of IP's.

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              Andrew Waters

              If _consolidation_done contains both ids then the scanner thinks it has consolidated everything to both consolidators.

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