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    CMDB 9.1.03 Relationship hierarchy tree graph

    Paolo Bisaccia
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      Hi everyone,


      Our client needs this type of graph shown in this BMC video to check all of the relationships of a particular CI: BMC CMDB 18.05: Viewing CIs and relationships in the CMDB Explorer.




      We are using AR/CMDB version 9.1.03 which offers dashboard visualization in the Atrium Core Console through the BMC Smart Reporting Component.


      Question n.1: Is it possible for us to have that kind of graph through Smart Reporting or any other CMDB feature, without performing a major upgrade of our systems?


      Question n.2: If we upgrade to 9.1.04 which has the new CMDB UI, will we be able to show that kind of view to our client?


      Thank you,