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    Create a Work Order Relationship in a Change Request

    Sujay Sanglikar
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      I am looking to create Work Order relationship in a Change Request.


      Kindly point me to the appropriate schema and the respective field required to be considered.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Aryan Anantwar

          Hi Sujay,


          You need to create entries on CHG:Associations form.



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            Sujay Sanglikar

            thanks aryan for the response.


            I could see below fields inn the Associations schema. But not sure, what all required to be created.


            Kindly let me know.



                <field name="zChangeRelationshipKeyChar" id="260007025" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-CRQ" id="1000000653" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Request Description01" id="1000000206" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-INC" id="1000000580" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Parent_DataSet_ID01" id="301763500" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Start Date 01" id="1000005080" type="Time" />

                <field name="z5Box Etch Divider2" id="301844100" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Data_Set_ID01" id="301763400" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Associations ID" id="1" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D_ConfirmGroup" id="304329451" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Request Description01" id="1000001077" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request Description Modified" id="1000002702" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z2TH ListCI Assoc" id="301843800" type="Table" />

                <field name="z1D Copy CI IA to Change" id="1000005276" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Status" id="7" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="InstanceId" id="179" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request Type01 InstanceId" id="303675900" type="Character string" />

                <field name="SourceOfCreation" id="301920800" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Parent_Lookup_Keyword" id="301362100" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-AOT" id="1000002705" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D_Integer04" id="301346100" type="Integer" />

                <field name="Assigned To" id="4" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request Type02 InstanceId" id="303676000" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D_Integer03" id="301516000" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z1D_Local_DataSetID" id="3003400" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Status Enum" id="1000005088" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z5Box Etch Divider" id="301844000" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Status-OLA" id="1000005095" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Status History" id="15" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Help" id="300603300" type="Control" />

                <field name="Modified Date" id="6" type="Time" />

                <field name="Status-SLA" id="1000005093" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="ztmp_CHG_AdapterStatus_BPPM" id="304298390" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Integer02" id="1000000114" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z1D Integer01" id="1000000077" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z1D_AssocKeyword" id="301503000" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-KDB" id="1000003561" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z2TF Change ID" id="301843700" type="Column" />

                <field name="z1D Permission Group ID" id="1000001582" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z5Text Dialog Msg" id="301844500" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Sequence1" id="301348600" type="Integer" />

                <field name="Sequence2" id="301348700" type="Integer" />

                <field name="Change Status" id="301339800" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="ConsolidatedStatus" id="301569500" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="zDependentRelationshipCreated" id="300969400" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1G Multi-language" id="1000015" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Short Description" id="8" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Select" id="301843600" type="Control" />

                <field name="Parent Request ID" id="1000000216" type="Character string" />

                <field name="End Date 01" id="1000005084" type="Time" />

                <field name="DataTags" id="301600300" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request ID01" id="1000000204" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request ID02" id="1000000205" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Association Type01" id="1000000208" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Char10" id="1000000129" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char11" id="1000000130" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char12" id="1000000131" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char13" id="1000000132" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Form Name02" id="1000000203" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z3Btn_ActionToolbar" id="301674700" type="Control" />

                <field name="Form Name01" id="1000000101" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1DIncludedForBudgeting" id="301568900" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Status-RLM" id="1000001722" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Assigned To2" id="301843500" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Association Type Code" id="301343800" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z1D Start Date 03" id="400141550" type="Time" />

                <field name="Type_of_relationship" id="303523200" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Start Date 02" id="1000005083" type="Time" />

                <field name="Vendor Assignee Groups_parent" id="60901" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Start Date 01" id="1000005082" type="Time" />

                <field name="z1D Char03" id="1000000067" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z5Text Entry 12" id="301844800" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z1D_Local_DataSetID_store" id="304343971" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Last Modified By" id="5" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-CON" id="1000005091" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z5Text Entry 11" id="301844700" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z1D Char04" id="1000000068" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char05" id="1000000083" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char06" id="1000000084" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Assignee Groups" id="112" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char01" id="1000000058" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char02" id="1000000066" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Collision Status" id="303633900" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Status-Asset" id="1000000234" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Copy To Request ID03" id="1000003600" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Copy To Request ID01" id="1000003207" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-WOR" id="1000004127" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Copy To Request ID02" id="1000003560" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Change ID1 Key" id="260007004" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Submit Date" id="3" type="Time" />

                <field name="Request_Type02" id="301268100" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Char07" id="1000000088" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char08" id="1000000089" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char09" id="1000000090" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z5Box Main Body" id="301844300" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Assignee Groups_parent" id="60989" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z5Box Association Type" id="301843900" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Parent Request ID02" id="1000002706" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Attribute3" id="10001883" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Attribute2" id="10001882" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Attribute1" id="10001881" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-REQ" id="1000001085" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z5Text Entry 2" id="301723700" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Change ID2 Key" id="260007005" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request Type01" id="1000000211" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z5Text Entry 1" id="301844600" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z1D_Action01" id="301343700" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z5Text Association Type" id="301844400" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Submitter" id="2" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-PBI" id="1000000896" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Lookup Keyword" id="230000009" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-PRQ" id="1000004995" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D End Date 01" id="1000005086" type="Time" />

                <field name="z1D End Date 03" id="400141540" type="Time" />

                <field name="z1D End Date 02" id="1000005087" type="Time" />

                <field name="Status-PKE" id="1000004987" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D_LookupKeyword" id="301355400" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D_Form Name" id="304310160" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1G InitComplete" id="1000049" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Action" id="1000000076" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Vendor Assignee Groups" id="60900" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Command" id="301284400" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-TSK" id="1000001266" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Permission Group List" id="1000001583" type="Character string" />


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              Carl Wilson


              actually you need to create the association in 2 forms:


              • CHG:Associations
              • WOI:Associations


              If you only do the Change Associations, you will not see the related Change when you are viewing the Work Order …..




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                Carl Wilson


                Please do a search, this has been asked and answered before:


                Re: CI relationship with Change Ticket using Atrium Orchestrator




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