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    Where are the official hotfixes for v20.02

    Stefan Hall
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      Or in other words: Why is the official site ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/ARRecommendedFixes not maintained in a timely manner?


      The version 20.02 is once again a release which cannot be used seriously without first hotfixes. These already exist for some time, but they are not officially provided.

      Every time you have to ask the support and you get different answers until you can prove it with a defect number. Why? It doesn't make sense and it also burdens your support with nonsensical questions, efficiency is something else.


      A few examples

      • You cannot install SmartReporting without an Internet connection SW00566620
        HF is a new full installer like in earlier versions also = not accessible without support case
      • AR-Server some cache problems SW00566967
        HF is SR_2002_20200430_CU_ALL = not accessible without support case
      • Upgrading ITSM to 20.02 , removes the custom fields from AST forms
        HF is available from KA000189142  = fatal error, so why not publish the HF under recommended HF
      • Request management with many faulty qualifications (very slow performance)
        HF ??
      • Smart Reporting Union SubQuery shows incorrect results SW00566009
        HF = not accessible without support case
      • SmartReporting running query in loop and causing performance issues SW00565758
        HF = not accessible without support case
      • ...

      Without mentioning a name, BMC PM thinks it can do without official patches because of the quality. Customers should find the hotfixes themselves. A really great idea ...