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    BMC TSO 8.X Certification

    Alexander Li
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      Hi Experts,


      I would like to take BMC TSO Associate Cert Developer. (https://www.bmc.com/content/dam/bmc/education/Abstract_CLDS-CERT-0820-CAD.pdf)


      Skills Tested Participants will be tested on their knowledge of the following:
      »Working with TrueSight Orchestration Adapters, Modules and Workflows
      » Identifying TrueSight Orchestration Architecture
      »Using the TrueSight Orchestration Debugger Tool
      »Using the TrueSight Orchestration Transform Editor
      » Creating TrueSight Orchestration Schedules
      »Addng Compensation within TrueSight Orchestration


      I would like to ask some questions:

      - is the exam multiple choice?

      - Do we need to live demo to proctor?

      - How our answer is graded? Is it by human / computer?

      - Any clue, what I should prepared besides list that mention aboved?


      Thanks in advance.