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    TrueSight Presentation Server Upgrade

    Jan Persson
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      Just want to see if anyone has Upgraded TrueSight Presentation Server HA from v10.7 to v11.3 with all fix packs on the Primary Server first and then on the Secondary?

      Previously I've done the Upgrade on Primary and then Secondary and after both have been done I've installed the fix packs on both, Primary first.




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          Betty Neumann

          Hi Jan,


          I hope you get feedback from others as well. I would have to recommend upgrading the Primary and secondary to the base version 11.3.01 and making sure it is functional at that level and then applying the fix pack .03 (which is cumulative). The idea here is that if there are issues we know whether it was an upgrade to the base version or the fix pack which is causing the problem. I would make sure the Primary and Secondary are both functional at the 11.3.01 version and then apply the fix packs. Just my opinion though. We have had users upgrade to 11.3.01 and apply the fix packs at the same time without issue and if you do this and run into issues BMC Support will definitely assist with any problems that may arise.