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    Using BIRT with selected entries

    Peter Lundqvist
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      I am sorry if this is a really basic question - I am not familiar with BIRT at all.


      We have a BIRT report that works just fine if the entire search result from a form is used.

      However, if a few entries are selected we see an error.


      In the logs we see

      ARExecuteProcess -- Application-Format-Qual-Filter "NaNaNaNaNa Batman" (('1'="000000000002547")OR('1'="000000000002647")OR('1'="000000000003448")OR('1'="000000000011487"))


      Which is shortly followed by

      com.bmc.arsys.domain.etc.ARException: ERROR (402): Incorrect format in the definition file.; java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "(('1'="000000000002547")OR('1'="000000000002647")OR('1'="000000000003448")OR('1'="000000000011487"))"((('1'="000000000002547")OR('1'="000000000002647")OR('1'="000000000003448")OR('1'="000000000011487"))) at position 100


      For a minute I thought that there must be a problem with some parameter in the report, and looking at the report parameters it is empty.

      So.. I though I would add one - but from what I see there is no Request ID in there, and the parameter also consists of field ids... now I am even less sure this is what the problem is..


      I am confused. Help?