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    Bladelogic NSH Job does not complete but the expected output for the script is already running

    Karlo Nico Amatorio
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      Hi Team,


      I'm running a Bladelogic NSH Script Job. I'm calling a BAT File. Below is my NSH Script. When I am running the Job, it turns on my tomcat Servers but the running NSH Script Job does not complete or finish? What necessary addition is needed to my script?



           nexec cmd /c "cmd.exe /c c:\run_tomcats.bat"


      The content of run_tomcats.bat



      @echo off





      cd C:\apache-tomcat-9.0.34- S1\bin

      call "startup.bat"





      echo "Tomcat Server 1 is running......"



      cd C:\apache-tomcat-9.0.34- S2\bin



      call "startup.bat"



      echo "Tomcat Server 2 is running......"




      The Tomcat Servers are already running but the job does not show as completed as expected?


      Thank you  in advance for the response and insights