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    Precedence for merge activity - to update BMC.Asset dataset, even if the attribute value is null

    Vidhya Amirthalingam
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      I have a question on how the precedence on recon merge activity works. For example, in my staging data set, initially, the attribute "A" has a value of "1" and the same has been reconciled and promoted to BMC.ASSET dataset with the same value as "1". Now, I have updated my staging data set, where "A" has null value (the previous value is removed), when I run the reconciliation job, the BMC.ASSET dataset still has the value as "1" for the attribute. I have used the standard rule set while creating simple identify and merge activity on the recon job. I have even tries with custom rule set with dataset precedence set. Still I see the same result. I am not sure, if I am missing something on this.


      If any one of you encountered this and have a solution, please do share. Thanks.