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    Remedyforce quick templates

    Vandana Rattan
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      We want to create sort of quick templates for IT helpdesk team so that they can click on custom buttons on Remedyforce Console , enter a few fields and when they save, it generates tickets which are automatically closed. 1 example would be:


      You click on a password reset button, enter user id, enter system name that the password is for, click on submit and the ticket will be opened and closed.


      How can such functionalities be implemented?

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          kedar zavar

          You can use templates for this.. did you try that?




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            Vandana Rattan

            Hi Kedar,


            Can you please elaborate how can I use a template here. How can I add buttons to the Remedyforce Console?



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              kedar zavar

              You can create template from Remedyforce administration > templates.

              Set required field values at bottom .

              Once created - you can use it from console by typing name of template on console



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                Anne Brock

                Templates aren't buttons; but they are easy to apply - open a record, put in a customer name, select the template, and save.


                Not sure what the use case is for buttons ... but could see something interesting there. "common actions" across the top of the console (or more likely available like the "link to broadcast" and "update" buttons are available); click on one of them - reset password - and it asks for customer name and then applies the template as you save it. Interesting - I recommend you put in an idea about that - basically allow custom buttons next to the new/delete/change owner, etc buttons on the Console...


                But in the meantime - once you create templates - the support analyst selects new; enters customer name; enters template name; hits save; and, assuming the ticket sets status to closed, the ticket is done.