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    Incident Creation - Through Emails!

    Tej D
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      Dear Team,


      We have a requirement to do the email integration as below:


      1.Customer’s customer who may/may not be registered in Remedy people form will be sending emails from any domain which should create an incident in Remedy and also should send notifications.

      2.The email body will contain the Corporate ID for the person to whom the case refers to and should be the Customer/ Contact person in the incident.

      3.The people profile in Remedy will exist with the Corporate ID but there will not be any email ID registered.



      I would like to know what is the best way to implement this in Remedy?


      AR Server: 20.02
      OS: Windows Server 2016


      Thanks & Regards,
      Tej D

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          Mohammad Rehman

          Experts may shed light or guide you using RBE, i never found in earlier version to fit for my requirements and created the email interface form as well.

          I believe you can achieve this by creating your own email interface form and add workflow on the interface form to parse the email and create the incident and assign who ever you want to. you can also create rules too. intercept the email and forward to interface form.

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            Sinisa Mikor

            Are requirements to give all customer's customers authority to submit incidents on behalf of any person whose Corporate ID is included in e-mail, define that person as both Customer and Contact for Incident in question, and send notifications to e-mail's sender instead of Customer/Contact?


            For starters, here's how you could avoid rejection of incoming mail because sender is unrecognized or unauthorized to perform necessary action -- filter guide RBE:Message-AuthCheck-AUTH ensures that there was a sender (i. e. 'From' != $NULL$) in filter RBE:Message-AUTH-100-FromNULL-Rejected, and matches sender's address to record in CTM:People using filter RBE:Message-AUTH-110-GetPeopleRecord.  If you modify its qualification, or insert custom filter between the two, use Corporate ID from body of message to gather all necessary information collected by RBE:Message-AUTH-110-GetPeopleRecord, then skip that filter, message will be processed as if it was sent by person mentioned in message.


            Redirecting message to original sender might be a bit more difficult since apart from providing proper address (you could either modify workflow to supply appropriate address during notification process, or populate that address into incident during submittal and prevent selection of its Customer and Contact to keep it constant), workflow probably has to supply details from associated record in CTM:People (or pretend to do so convincingly.even when there is none).

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              Tej D

              Hello All,


              Thank you for your replies. Yes, it will be a customization and I am trying to convince customers to get the people profiles registered with email addresses in the system so it can process through RBE. But, I still need to fix this using few customizations in this case.


              Thank you



              Tej D

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                Ankit Tiwari

                Even if there is no people profile in remedy, you can configure email addresses as "Trusted Email Address" option. You can check Configuring trusted email addresses and recipients - Documentation for Remedy Change Management 8.1 - BMC Documentation for details.




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                  Sinisa Mikor

                  One method to ensure that notifications are sent to sender of original message with little modification to existing workflow is replacement of address of person declared as customer and contact of incident in question with address of sender of original message during submittal of notification into AR System Email Message; there are several ways to provide appropriate address, including storing it when message is received in auxiliary form which only needs to record identifier of incident (this would also be used to match message to be sent with appropriate incident), and sender's address.