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    TrueSight Smart Reporting - how to create a new field with character changes

    Anatoly Gofman
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      I need to create a new field in my report from Monitor Instance Full Name to provide the correct name.

      It's related to the SQL servers instances when SQL server have more then one instance.

      For example:

      Monitor Instance Full Name: Local.SQLSERVER.corp\QA1.PerfmonServerHealthCont

      Monitor Instance Full Name: Local.SQLSERVER.corp\QA2.PerfmonServerHealthCont

      Monitor Instance Full Name: Local.SQLSERVER.corp\QA3.PerfmonServerHealthCont

      And i need:





      I don't have any custom slots in TSIM that provide this information and in SAP BO is very simple operation.

      How i can do it in TrueSight Smart Reporting?


      Thanks and Best Regards