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    CMDB Audits with Sandbox

    Ryan Nicosia
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      We have some attributes in CMDB we want to enable auditing for.  The issue is we leverage Sandbox so the entries only shows Remedy Application Service as the submitter and we want to know actual user who submitted the modification.


      Any ideas how to get that to work?

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          Gustavo del Gerbo

          You could copy submitter to some new field (Original Submitter) through filter and then merge this value to ASSET as well.

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            Ryan Nicosia


            Thanks for the tip.  We've got a new field created called AuditedUser and a filter that pushes $USER$.   Works great in Mid Tier and even though Submitter shows Remedy Application Service because of recon, the additional field is listed since we are using Audit Copy and it shows the user.


            All scenarios work great with the exception of SmartIT.  When an asset record is updated in SmartIT and it is the first time it has been updated by a user, a new sandbox record is created.  In that scenario, and that scenario only, the AuditUser is being populated with Remedy Application Service.  If I make a subsequent update and the sandbox record already exists, my name shows up.


            I can't for the life of me figure out  how to get that to work.  I suspect there is a filter or set of filters on Sandbox create that are somehow different than Sandbox modify and that difference is resulting in $USER$ being Remedy Application Service rather than the user.