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    Track-It Technician Client ARM processor compatibility - When?

    Rebecca Dean
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      We have received a new MS Surface Pro device. It runs Windows 10 with an ARM processor.

      Our team has found that Tech Client 11.4 will not run on this device due to the ARM processor.

      When do you anticipate this functionality will be in place?

      Our CTO likes TrackIt a lot but is turned off by the fact that the product does not work on his new device.

      I suggested he use the web client but it has limitations. Specifically, it does not count and categorize tickets the same way.


      Thank you!

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          Eric Liszt

          Hi Rebecca,


          Thanks for reaching out.   I don't expect that we'll add ARM support to the 11.x version of Track-It! in the future.  What I would encourage you to explore is the new 2020.x version of Track-It!.  This version no longer requires client software and the full functionality is available via the browser.  As such, any Windows system running Edge or Chrome will work with Track-It!.  Check out https://www.trackit.com/whats-new/

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            Richard Rowe

            A long shot but might be worth a try.


            • On the Windows 10 machine, select start and type “Turn Windows features on or off”
            • Expand Internet Information Services, expand Web Management Tools and check the boxes for ‘IIS Management Console’ and ‘IIS Management Service
            • After the features are installed, Restart the Windows 10 machine.
            • Re-launch the BMC Track-It! Technician Client.


            As Eric mentions, it may be a good time to take a look at Track-It! 2020. Being a 100% web based product, you will enjoy all those rich features through your browser taking away the need for server/client.