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    Remedyforce - Update Incident status after client push a Client Note action

    rodrigo barcat
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      Hi team,


      I am building my first process through "Process Builder" and I am having a hard time understanding how I relate the Incident History record to the incident record I want to update the status.


      My case is:


      1 - Create a flow under Incident History


      2- Set a decision with

      Action~ = Client Note

      Incident > Status~ = AGUARDANDO POR...

      Incident > Status~ = ESPERANDO CLIENTE

      both status are looks like PENDING (client pending)



      3 - Now, on IMMEDIATE ACTION, here I chose:


      Action: Update Records

      At Select a Record to update: I chose "Select a record related to the BMCServiceDesk__IncidentHistory__c"




      Anyone know if it is possible to update Incident status after client update notes?


      Thank you very much