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    SNMP credential issue

    Ryan Nicosia
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      I have a 2 member scanning cluster.  Created a new SNMP credential and it tests fine on member 1 but fails on member 2.


      However, when I use snmpWalk or snmpGet from command line, it works fine on both members.   We have debugged the target and as near as we can tell, the credential test and scan attempts are sending over securty level: no auth followed by security level: auth


      That appears to be the only thing that looks out of sorts.  The error we are getting on a credential test is SNMP++: SNMP request timed out


      Here is the command line from the same scanner getting the error on the credential test which you can see is successful




      The credential is an SNMP v3 authNoPriv using SHA-1.  The authentication key does have 2 special characters.  Not sure if that matters.