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    Asset Reports - anyone have one to share

    Russ Jones
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      Wondering if anyone has built an Asset report for displaying hardware overview for your assets?


      Looking for a report that does not require a one by one entry in order to display the hardware details.


      I would like to do a click, return all, and export to Excel.  Just hoping one of our community has already created the report that would be willing to export it.  I can modify, just trying to start from a solid foundation.




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          Cris Coffey

          Hey Russ. There are a ton of fields in each asset. It would be nearly impossible to get all of those onto a report formatted in a way that would make it usable when exported to excel. Do you have specific fields you are looking for?  If you want all fields exported to excel, you might consider creating a view in the Asset module, select every field, then export that grid view to excel.

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            Russ Jones

            Hey Cris, agree on the tons of info, I guess all I'm really asking for is a basic 'Return All Assets' report with a few basics, I can add or modify from there.  I just don't want to enter them one at a time to get a report. 


            I agree on the view, and that may be the better way to go.  I didn't see some of the fields I was hoping for in the views, such as RAM.  Basically, we are working on moving systems off of, or upgrade from WIndows 7 to 10.  We have the extended report, and I would like to be able to run a report on the identified systems showing processor, cores, RAM, manufacturer and model. So we can determine what can be upgraded, and keep the records accurate in TI!.

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              Cris Coffey

              Ah I see. If there are fields deep in the asset which are not available on the grid, then the report would be the way to go but even in landscape with the fields shrunk down, you would have to pick the top 15 fields or so if you want to export to excel. If you don’t mind viewing it in the report viewer or in a printout, you could then stack the fields and format them so you could fit much more on a page.

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                Russ Jones

                All I'm looking for, at most, is:

                Manufacturer / Model / Serial Number / CPU / CPU Cores / Speed / Installed RAM / Service Tag


                But again, the goal would be to 'Run all', I would likely go in and strip out all of the blue bar stuff.


                If this is too complicated, I'll reach out to the Platform team and let them pull the reports from their tools for me instead.