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    Blackout Policy - CMA.log entry: cannot manage patrol agents ... due to ACL restrictions: []

    Patrick Mischler
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      Hello Everybody!


      Has somebody come accross the following message in the CMA.log of the TSPS:


      WARN 05/14 08:33:42.783 [Thread-74,EXECUTOR_POOL] CMA Data received is either null or empty.Blackout details not returned for policy <content left out due to data security>
      INFO 05/14 08:33:42.783 [PolicyEvaluationStagingHandler_1] CMA Policy Policy <content left out due to data security> cannot manage patrol agents: [<List of Agents>], due to ACL restrictions: []


      The blackouts specified by the policy do not work.

      No PATROL Agent ACLs are configured.


      Any Ideas?