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    User Impersonation Failed using domain account while importing windows server 2019 server in Automation console

    Satish Potnuru
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      We are having an issue with Truesight Server Automation authenticating to a Windows Server 2019. Agent is installed on client machine and we have mapped one domain account in export file for authentication. (We are using domain admin account)


      But server is not importing into Server Automation console and getting "Login not allowed for user'" error.


      RSCD log says:

      05/13/20 17:47:29.165 ERROR    rscd -  SERVER1 11820 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): User Impersonation Failed for mapped user BLAdmins:BLAdmin; Error Location: lookup_impersonation_user ; Error Message: The data is invalid. ; Auxiliary Error Message: Domain accounts may not be used for privilege mapping user impersonation. Account: *****@******.local

      05/13/20 17:47:29.165 WARN     rscd - 11820 SYSTEM (BLAdmins:BLAdmin): CM: Impersonation failed


      Can anyone help here ?



      Satish Potnuru