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    DWP+DWPC with RSSO and multidomain access

    Andreas Mitterdorfer
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      I have following setup:

      2 RSSO server, 1 DWPA server, 1 DWPC server


      dwpa server reachable as dwpa.domain1 and dwpa.domain2




      dpwc server reachable as dwpc.domain1




      In dwpa server i need to configure enhanced catalog so setting dwpc.domain1:8008/api/myit-sb


      Now when accessing dwpa.domain1 everything is working fine, catalog items are shown.


      However when accessing dwpa.domain2 and logging in I'm immediatly logged out with "Session timed-out".

      Logs indicate that I'm not authenticated because the dwpa connection is using URL dwpc.domain1 hence rsso.domain1 is checked and there the token does not exist.


      When i reconfigure sso-agent.properties on dwpc server to dwpc.domain1:rsso.domain2 then everything is working fine when accessing dwpa.domain2 however I now have the login/logout loop when accessing dwpa.domain1.


      I have no clue on how to workaround this as I can only configure 1 URL in enhanced catalog and therefore can only set 1 RSSO server on dwpc side.


      Does anyone have a similar setup and has overcome this problem?


      Thanks in advance!