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    How to add Approve/Reject buttons in an email that is sent from TrueSight Orchestrator

    Kamala Iragavarapu
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      I have developed a TrueSight Orchestrator workflow such that when an approver login id entered in the WorkInfo notes of a Change ticket in Remedy (with a specific Work Info Type selected), TrueSight sends out an email to the Approver asking them to review the notes of the Change given in the same email and reply back to the email (To address: incoming@companyname.onbmc.com) with tying the text 'Approved' or 'Rejected' such that that entry gets added  in the WorkInfo of the Change.


      Since there may be typo when the Approver manually types in 'Approve' or 'Reject', I am trying to add two buttons (Approval and Rejected) on the same email notification so that when the approver clicks on 'Approved'. button, a text "Approved' should get added to the work info of the Change.


      Does any one know how to achieve this task? I have a html code in the 'Send_Email' Process (from AutoPilot_AD-Untilities) inserted in the body of this 'Send_Email' Process to just format the text. but is there any way i can insert 'Approved' and 'Rejected' buttons in this body of the Email Process and get the text added to the WorkInfo of the Change?


      Please share your ideas and any solution if you have already worked on this type of task.