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    To make GMT time extraction Dynamic

    Chittaranjan Patra
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      Hello All,


      i am using remedy api to fetch ticket detail from remedy server which works in GMT time zone , but my workflow is scheduled in est time zone .



      i am using utilities to extract GMT time zone with respect to est , but once day light saving comes to picture the time i will be extracting would be one hour future .



      request you to suggest how can we make GMT time extraction dynamic with respect to est .




      Chittaranjan Patra

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          Sinisa Mikor

          In Remedy, form CFG:Time Zone stores current offset of local time from UTC in Actual Time Zone Offset and current offset of local time from server's local time in Server Time Zone Offset; both are counted in seconds, and are not necessarily striclty current -- update is triggered by escalation CFG:TZO:UpdateOffsets which runs once a day (e. g. at 2:05 AM).  As long as timestamps you're fetching are from period synchronized with current offsets, you should be able to dynamically adjust them during transaction.

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            Carl Wilson


            TSO will always extract the timestamps from Remedy as stored in the Remedy server time zone, as you have found.

            To change this you need to use the Java time conversions:


            Date/Time conversions


            There is also a workflow in the Utilities module to do this if you don't want to use a XPath Transform where you pass in the value and the format string that you want the value to be converted too.